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Top Nature Activities in Branson Missouri

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With more than 100 shops and restaurants, more than 50 music theaters, 13 beautiful golf courses the features the scenic view of the Ozark Mountains, and a number of amusement parks for the whole family, you will never run out of things to do and explore in Branson. Guests will have plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures and quality time with their family and friends.

Exciting Outdoor Escapades
Branson designated more than 100,000 acres of land for its people and guests to explore. This covers 200 miles of trail for biking, horseback riding and hiking. The Henning State Forest for example, covers 1534 acre of land that features spectacular nature adventure. A tour in this forest includes a naturalist tour guide to answer your questions and take you to the most beautiful spots for the best views.
Lakeside Wilderness Area is another great trekking trail for people who love to explore the outdoors. This trail is a hidden gem and leads to Lake Taneycomo, one of Branson’s best places for fishing.
The College of Ozarks features picturesque tour of its beautiful landscapes, fountains and pathways. Guests can also visit the Keeter Center Restaurant, which a rustic designed lodge with gorgeous furnishings and landscapes that can take you to a trip to memory lane with its 1906 vibe. This restaurant place takes pride on serving some of Branson’s finest dishes and unique recipes.

Cave Adventures
There are literally thousands of caves and caverns in Ozark Mountain that beginners and experienced cave explorers can plunge into. The Marvel cave for example, features beautiful limestone formations, with safe ramps and 600 stairs for beginners to explore. It’s an hour of exciting tour where you will go 500 feet below sea level. When you reach the bottom, there’s a 1957 cable train that will take you back to the surface. The best part about this cave tour is it is right inside the Silver Dollar City theme park, Branson’s most popular theme park. It’s a very safe tour, not safety equipment needed.
If you’re looking for a more elaborate cave tour that requires more than an hour of walking, then you should visit the Talking Rocks Cavern. Located in Branson West, this cave tour features thousands of crystal caves and includes both smooth and jagged rock formations. The Eco tour lasts two hours of up and down walks, with a 45-foot tall observation tower to climb. Unlike the Marvel Cave, explorers will be asked to wear safety gears and flashlights in this tour.

Fun Water Activities
The city of Branson features three beautiful lakes for swimming, fishing and tons of fun water activities. Taneycomo, Table Rock and Bull Shoals lakes are all perfect for boating, kayaking and even sailing. Table Rock Lake is around 52,300 acres big for you to catch catfish, smallmouth and largemouth bass and large bluegill. Lake Tanecomo on the other hand, is only around 2,000 big, but it has lots of beautiful rainbows and brown trout.
The Bull Shoals Lake is the biggest lake in Branson, and it starts at the tail of Taneycomo and stretches up to Arkansas. The clear water of this lake makes it great for swimming and scuba diving. It’s also a great lake for fishing, as it is a home for bream, catfish and lunker fish.

Again, you will never run out of fun things to do and beautiful places to see and visit in Branson. Plan your itinerary now, do your research to get the latest tours in Branson and explore this beautiful city in Missouri.

April is an online publisher for The Cabins at Grand Mountain in Branson, MO. She often writes about camping, Midwest traveling, and log cabin experiences.

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