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Cape Town Part 3 - Enjoy the hike, but dont forget your water bottle!

By dom, 06/15/2010 - 23:21

This is the third video in the series to promote responsible tourism in South Africa. From our first destination, Cape Town. We meet with a local friend and tour guide (Shaqir Erasmus) for a local breakfast and hike up Lion's Head (Part of the Table Mountain National Park). From a geographical and natural perspective, he explains the wildlife, scenery and history. From the times of when the Khoikhoi (indigenous peoples who inhabited the area since the 5th Century AD) ran their cattle along the tracks of the mountain, to the endangered floral species such as the Silver Tree. We manage to meet the mountain ranger who also gives us a few tips and advice on safety. Don't forget to bring your water bottle guys!

Along the journey, we will also provide our message and discovery, including some useful tips and advice for tourists who are planning on traveling to South Africa, and how they may become more responsible on the road in reducing their impact.

Online videos brought to you by the production team of MyNatour TV. Look out for the full series of programs over the coming weeks. (Produced by Dom Davda and Davide Valin)