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What about a walking holiday, a hiking vacation, a family tour or a bike tour in Italy? Verde Natura organizes trekking, walking and cycling tours: active green holidays with the comfort of pleasant hotels at the end of the stage. A range of itineraries, group tours or individual tours to discover Italy, in the mountains or to the seaside: from the Amalfi coast to Tuscany, following routes through cities such as Florence or Siena, and the Chianti region, in the typical Tuscan scenery, where you can enjoy local foodstuffs and wine tastings. We offer one week treks hiking in the Dolomites, exploring Apulia, Sardinia and Sicily, self guided or guided tours with an Italian tour operator, natural and relaxing vacation in the countryside, in our hospitable farms, B&B and farmhouses.

Our itineraries rise from the work or our product managers, who look for the most beautiful and interesting itineraries, with the help of local suppliers, trustworthy agents, expert guides. So, they can finally organize the most interesting travel offers for you.

We love to do things thoroughly, with our style, and we use all our experience and care to let your holiday be a success. But, above all, we concentrate on following you and listen to you, to help you choose the right holiday and to give you all the useful information and the assistance that you need to enjoy the holiday at its best. Also after your return home, with our quality survey and your comments, you are indispensable to us, to help us keep our quality standards as high as possible.

All our guides are professional guides, and all have regular license for guiding groups. This license is very important for us, because it grants that the guide is a professional and competent person, and has all the knowledge and the authorizations to work and guide groups in a specific region. The human skills and professional competences of the guide are essential for the success of the holidays, so we take a particular care in choosing our guides and in training them.

Green Practice: 

<p>The person who chooses a holiday by Verde Natura, has chosen a life style, in travels too. He has chosen originality, freedom, fantasy and respect for human and ecological balances. He has chosen to be not a tourist, but a person travelling, an actor of his own holiday. Not a consumer, but a traveller.<br /><br /><strong>Nature</strong><br />We love discovering and crossing places in a soft way, on tiptoe … or on “tip-wheel”! We do not want to leave permanent marks on the places we pass through. We are deeply aware of the importance of environment, and we do our best to respect it and to promote its respect, also through non-invasive and responsible forms of tourism.<br /><br /><strong>Places</strong><br />We look for beautiful and interesting itineraries, far from the classic itineraries, to discover the authentic part of places and countries. We move away from much-travelled roads and itineraries, to let you discover unexpected cultural, traditional and gastronomic richness, and to capture your heart.<br /><br /><strong>People</strong><br />The places you will visit are made of nature, stones, and, but are above all made of men and women you will meet. So, your travel will be not only a passage, but also an opening and an understanding of different cultures and worlds. You will be impressed and enriched by the gazes, the gestures and the meeting you will experience during your travel, with mutual respect of the values of each other.<br /><br /><strong>Value for money</strong><br />We will never offer you extremely low prices, because these prices often hide uncomfortable hotels, far from the city centre, or poor quality services. We grant you that we propose you holidays at a fair competitive price, using suppliers that fairly pay their employees and collaborators, and that work in the respect of laws and rules of their countries. We always do our best to offer you the best possible holidays, with the best value-for-money.</p><br/><p style="text-align: justify;"> </p>