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We are Jili and Eoghan (Twobirdsbreakingfree) from India and Ireland respectively. We are an adventure travelling couple and had been travelling continuously for the past 3 years, mostly in India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Our niche is low-budget adventure travel and we give our readers inspiration, in-depth travel guides, and tips on various travel topics ranging from saving money to travel tech. We are also experienced photographers and DSLR filmmakers.

Our philosophy why we travel - Our time on this earth is finite and we want to make the most of it. Our mission is to help others break free from the 9-5 paradigm (which we believe is similar to keeping animals in a cage) and show them how they can travel continuously. We also see travel as a vehicle for begetting personal growth and transforming oneself into a better person. Travel can help us to evolve and to self-actualize. We have mentioned in detail our core philosophy and why we travel in the ‘About’ section on our website if one wants to know more. If one want's to permanently escape from the 9-5 hamster wheel and embrace an extraordinary lifestyle of untrammelled freedom and never-ending adventure, then our website will benefit them tremendously. We have the following to offer to our readers:
- Free in-depth destination travel guides
- Articles on travel gear, travel tech, saving money on the road
- 40 + Youtube videos on the best SE Asia travel destinations
- A rapidly growing Instagram account with 10,000 + followers

Green Practice: 

- We believe in slow immersive travel which is an energy saving way to travel. We believe in long term travel.
- We rarely take flights, we cross land borders and mostly walk instead of using local transport.
- We do not use paper towels, we do not purchase bottled drinking water.
- We do not consume imported products in the country we travel, we only buy locally produced goods.
- We do not stay in hotels with swimming pools or hotels that are not eco- friendly. We prefer homestays or humble Guest Houses
- We do not stay in air conditioned rooms we only opt for fan rooms.
- We do not consume unnecessarily, we always keep it to the minimum and do not indulge. We are minimalistic travellers.
- We only collaborate with Eco-Friendly institutions or companies.
- We endorse local economy and encourage local community initiatives.