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Do you find the boring guides who wander the million-times-beaten tracks spouting numerous confusing and insignificant facts about Yuri-who-is-that-guy-Dolgoruky? You have come to the right place! We are sick of such old-schooled Russian tours, too.

Our Modern and Upbeat Travel Agency was created to replace the paradigm of package tours as the best "value for money". We are a small family business; therefore, we do rare and extraordinary tours with a highly personal touch at the most affordable prices. Check us out… see for yourself! Whatever your age, mobility and interests we will provide a wonderful insight into our Moscow heritage. Make your Russian holidays unforgettable and... Travel the real Russia!

Green Practice: 

Our tour company was organized by PhD in Ecology. We take care of environment, popularize conservation ideas among local people. We have several tours aimed at people education about the nature and its wonders. We made expedition to the natural parks to explore pristine nature as well.