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Bird watching


We are a specialized tour agency, organising wildlife trips in southern Slovenia. We organise one- and multi-day tours for small groups to some of the most interesting nature areas in Slovenia as well as specialized tours to see wild flowers, butterflies, birds and other animals. We will take you to places which are not mentioned in textbooks and were few people go.

Our tour dates for 2018 are: 

March 2018: early spring flowers

10-17 may: amphibians, reptiles and freshwater fish

22-29 may: wild orchids

2-9 june and 14-21 june: nature of Slovenia

26 june-3 july butterflies and dragonflies

17-24 juli: grasshoppers

End of September: Nature photography: fall in the virgin forest

See www.natureincolour.eu for more information

Green Practice: 

We travel in small groups, which reduces the impact we have on the environment and which increases our chance to observe birds and other wildlife.

With our tours we increase local awareness about the unique nature in Slovenia: we find that for many people it is an eye-opener when guests from far away are interested in the flowers, butterflies and landscapes which they tend to take for granted. This increased awareness is a prerequisite for nature conservation. 

On our tours, we visit some of the most interesting nature areas in Southern Slovenia, but we also talk about challenges in nature conservation. We find that these are often smilar in various parts of the world and that discussing joint problems for nature, increases motivation to make a change, both for our guests and for ourselves. 

For our tours we are cooperating with local providers and when possible, our meals consist of locally produced food from ecological farms.

Our tous, which we promote under the brand Nature in Colour, are organised by a family-run NGO called Institute Symbiosis. Institute Symbiosis is a registered non-profit organisation and a social enterprise. With the revenues from eco-tours we co-finance nature conservation and nature-education projects which we organise and carry out in Slovenia. At this moment we are partner in LIFE-ARTEMIS, a country wide education project on Invasive Alien Species, as well as several smaller projects. For more information see www.zavod-symbiosis.si (for the moment in Slovenian language only).