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Raft Amazonia is an outdoor adventure business run by a local Kichwa family in Tena, Ecuador.
The business is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Amazon River making the rafting, kayaking and jungle tours unforgettable. Experienced local guides ensure that every trip is tailored to customers experience levels and preferences- from adrenaline filled white water rafting to relaxing in the jungle’s blue lagoons. Raft Amazonia take pride in being welcoming and honest ethical tour operators.

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Green Practice: 

Respecting Our Customers
Raft Amazonia take pride in being honest and open tour operators. The guides want to ensure customers get the best possible experience and will never take customers out on tours in unsafe conditions just to make a profit. Nor will they charge the full cost if a tour does not meet its criteria- for example if a customer pays for a Class V rafting tour and there are only Class III rapids then the customer will only pay for a Class III rapid tour.

Supporting The Locals
Raft Amazonia only use local guides meaning they are able to provide jobs to support the local community.

The Raft Amazonia tours are run from the family's farm in the Amazon rainforest where all of the food they provide for their guests is grown on their farmland or locally sourced and thus supporting the local economy and environment.

Respecting The Environment
All tours are operate with the greatest respect for the environment and guides will always endeavour that their tours have little to no impact on the rainforest and wildlife.

Passing On The Green Message
The local guides have a love for the environment that they have grown up in and pass on this passion to their customers by teaching them about the Amazon rainforest. By educating customers about the rainforest and how to preserve it they are spreading awareness of the importance of sustainable tourism.