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Hello, The Potter Tour inspired by Harry Potter

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I love Harry Potter and strive to give a tour worthy of the world's most widely read and beloved novels and the most influential woman in Britain.

Edinburgh is JK Rowling's home. Walk in her footsteps, visit the sights that inspired her, and the cafes which fuelled her. Live Rowling’s struggle and triumph and bask in the best of “yon Empress of the North”.

Rough itinerary
Old College, Neo-classical opulence
Nicholsons cafe
The dreaming dome of McEwan Hall
Greyfriars Kirkyard - you know who's grave
Wake Peeves, at George Mackenzie's mausoleum
George 'Hogwarts' Heriot's School
The Elephant House cafe
Newt Scamander's cave
The Grassmarket and it's Nearly headless Nick connection
Victoria St AKA Diagon Alley
Carnegie's lavish central library
Riddle's Court
Lady Stairs Mansion House and the prisoner of Azkaban
The Baxter's Dragons
Palatial Balmoral hotel
Show solidarity with Harry at the Heart of Midlothian
Sphinxes and unicorns
Old Parliament Hall and the ministry of magic
Rowling's Edinburgh award

See more learn more, be inspired more on a more thorough Harry Potter tour.

Green Practice: 

I'm campaigning to relieve dangerous congestion on Candlemaker Row by opening up a pedestrian route for tour guides heading to Greyfriars Kirk, to promote harmony between surging visitor numbers and residents. It's uphill work.