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Hello, nartitee ecolodge

Interests and Activities: 


Our sweet home located in the one the most peaceful places on earth has nothing to show off but there are some things to know prior to your arrival to Nartitee:

There is no bed but a bedclothes, a sheet, a blanket and a pillow all in covered in a wrapper (chador shab) for every person.

Since we believe in communicating there is also no television here.

There are some common areas such as hallway, middleyard and most importantly, toilets and bathrooms.

Get To Nartitee

By bus

Yazd bus terminal provides you with the most inter-city services through several intercity bus companies. It is situated between Taft and Yazd. There are VIP and ordinary services as well. You will get to Taft easily.

If possible, we receive you as you arrive in Yazd. Please contact us in advance.

There is another choice too. If you find yourself in Imam Ali Square, you can get a bus to Taft by 1500 tomans. The buses run every 20 minutes. In Taft, you have to get off in Kokabiye Station.


Green Practice: 

we have a pomegranate garden in front of our house that all guest can go and eat the fruits.