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Hello, MattFerm

Interests and Activities: 
South Africa


I grew up in California and moved to South Africa when I was just 9 years old. We first lived in Pretoria since my father was working at the embassy of the USA and later we moved to Port Elisabeth. Here I finished my Highschool and started working for several companies in the motorvehicle industry. I currently work at UM Haval in Port Elisabeth, where I am responsible for the maintenance of all cars that we buy second hand -

Green Practice: 

We all know that cars and vehicles are one of the main sources of emissions, and I'm interested in combining that with the work I do in the car business. It's a tough cookie to crack, but I'm in the early stages of doing research for making the world a cleaner place even if I am working for a car dealership. It's going to be a long journey but my ears are open and I'm ready to hear feedback.