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MATER is a travel agency created by tourism professionals with a focus on responsible tourism experiences. We are a young and dynamic team who know the destinations and we are in every detail to achieve unique trips with a real exchange between locals and visitors and in total respect for the natural and cultural environment of the place being visited.

Green Practice: 

Mater Sustentable has been selected by TraveLife, an European certification for sustainable tourism. We are the first and only inbound travel agency in Argentina with this certification. We have also received an award by the Tourism Ministry due to our Environmental and Managament quality.
We settle homestay accommodation to support rural community networks all over the country, integrating families and local tour guides. You will have the chance of meeting local traditions, get involved in cultural and rural activities on amazing landscapes. On the other hand, the host communities benefit from the tourism that directly creates revenue and decent jobs in their villages, based on a sustainability model.