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Hello, jo12345

Interests and Activities: 
Independent travel
South Africa
United States


I’m a MyCU journalism graduate who used to be a buyer and reviewer of a big sporting goods store in the USA.
Now I mostly work as a camp instructor and ski coach between South Africa and Colorado. My hobbies include skiing, snowboarding, surfing, climbing, biking kiting, fishing, kayaking and just about anything that gets the adrenaline pumping.
I love anything to do with outdoors but I’m best happy on the slopes, water or writing.
I have a blog where I interview extreme sports professionals and review the some of the best outdoor products on the market (I get to do both of my passions).

Green Practice: 

I'm an adrenaline junky who loves extreme sports and travelling. I also just happen to be a bookworm who enjoys writing too. You can find more about me on my blog Extremepedia.com.