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Natural Italy is a small boutique tours company based in the U.S., authoring unconventional, cultural, personal/customizable tours. Our on site staff are multi-lingual and has a vast network in Italy. As Italian wine makers well know, good wine comes from small barrels, and yeah! ... we know what you were going to say, good quality and fun tours come from small companies! Here is a little bit about our "Italian crew":

Green Practice: 

We only support organic farms, slow food establishments. All of out guides are dedicated to preserving the environment. Our head guide Michele is a professional in Italian forestry having lectured in Italy, England, and the Czech Republic. Our tour designer is an Anthropologist and is dedicated in presenting an authentic Italy...from whole food, to traditional dance, farming practices, bi-dynamic farming and wine making, bread making, pasta making, backpacking along the via Francigena, cheese production, and anything natural and Italian.