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The truth is that we’re probably the only company in the world who don’t really want to be different at all. We want every travel company to be the same as us. We want them to embrace our ideology about conscious, sustainable travel. We want them to offer an authentic cultural experience that engages with local communities on a personal human level. We want companies to listen to a new generation of travellers who want to experience a whole other world, but one that really exists, not some fort knox resort disguising the imperfect truth beyond its walls. What we want is for our way of travel to become the new normal, maybe even one day, the status quo.

A band of traveller’s ourselves, we wanted to make our adventures feel more complete, more whole, by giving back to the communities who had hosted us so generously. Those who had the most famous landscapes in their back garden but barely a roof over their head. We vow to try and change that by changing how people decide to travel. We want you, the people who choose to adventure with us to have that cyclical experience of giving back to the places that will give you so much, that ignite and reignite every sense, fear, and emotion within you.

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Social and Adventure tours

Featured tours 2015:

  • Philippines Five Islands Adventure : Discover the South East Asia's best kept secret on one of our signature escapes as we invite you to explore Bohol Island and witness its towns on the path to recovery and participate in rebuilding their communities with a trusted NGO. With a mix of adventure and charitable work in this wonderful place, this might well be for you!
  • Philippines Islands Hopping Escape : Experience the freedom of living at sea in this island-hopping adventure aboard a traditional Filipino Paraw. Get your hands dirty at Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, and fundraise for their efforts to pull people out of poverty by teaching them how to become social entrepreneurs.
  • Perhentian Kayak Sea Turtle Challenge : A balanced cocktail of leisure and adventure, this trip serves two purposes: to save the endangered sea turtle who was once a ubiquitous fixture on the island, and to give you access to one of the world’s lesser known, most idyllic paradises.
  • Machu Picchu Trek : What makes this trip special is the combination of the spectacular trek to the ancient Machu Picchu with a 2-day stay at Awamaki's local community project in Patacancha.
  • Uganda Water Safari : This 7-day water safari explores some of Uganda’s most scenic and breath taking sites, including the famous Luwero Triangle, Murchison Falls National Park, Murchison River, the River Nile, and the Budongo Forest. Fundraise for 500 Need Water Uganda, a rural project working to create a source of clean drinking water in these areas.
  • Majestic Maasai Safari : When you’re not out spotting the ‘Big 5’ of the Savannah, you will become guests in the Maasai community, immersing yourself in their culture, learning  about their customs and getting involved in the building of Mara’s first secondary school for girls.
  • The Mount Kilimanjaro Experience : Summit the famous Mt Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route and support a local literacy project with Empower Local Schools - Tanzania