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PREMIUM INDONESIA HOLIDAY TOUR PACKAGES : Luxury Bali Holidays - Exotic Lombok Tours - Komodo Island Tours on luxury liveaboard boats - the Best Borobudur Tours, Yogyakarta Tours (Jogja Tours) and Tana Toraja Tours. | TRAVEL INDONESIA!

With more than 17,000 islands to choose from, Indonesia travel is a complex affair, and plotting out an Indonesia trip is anything but easy!

That's where IndoExcursions comes in.

We create unusual journeys throughout Indonesia, filled with intellectual adventures and rich in insider experiences. Our seamless Hosted Journeys (limited to 8 travellers) are filled with unique access that you simply couldn’t plan on your own. (We have our ways.)
We pride ourselves on demanding only the highest calibre of service delivery, and have carefully crafted tours that include only the most outstanding accommodation partners, avoid the well-beaten path taken by traditional tour operators, and showcase a side of Indonesia you're not likely to discover on your own.

Call us “Old Fashioned.” We take that as a compliment, because that's how we do things.

Our philosophy? You deserve a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a journey that addresses your curiosity, embraces your sophistication, and acknowledges your taste for the best of everything - hotels, guides, sightseeing, cuisine . . .

We believe an experienced traveller is entitled to experienced counsel, faultless arrangements ; and we won't put you in a hotel we ourselves haven't stayed in.

Our travel specialists know just how to approach your travel - with passion and insight, and armed with up-to-the-minute information. They create perfect journeys just as you would want.

Whether you choose to join us for an entire 27-Day Cross Indonesia Tour Package or opt for a smaller holiday tour, there's one thing we're certain of : your journey with us will be a rewarding one.

Please join us on the voyage of a lifetime - deep into the heart of Indonesia. We look forward to travelling with you!

Green Practice: 

Our tours will benefits local people in tourist destinations by giving donations to all villages visited, also, a portion of every Trip Fee will be allocated to the INDOEXCURSIONS EDUCATION FUND. A purchase of an IndoExcursions trip will keep one selected outstanding student in school or university for one month. A chance to educate themselves how to sustain as a tourist attraction/location/village without making damage to the environment.