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Hello, heelsandvalise

Tour Operator
Interests and Activities: 
Independent travel
Volunteer travel


We are a KenyaN tour operator that is passionate about experiential travel and environmental conservation. We believe in making our clients' adventure unforgettable, as well as sharing the experience with others across the globe. The company is made up of a team of energetic individuals that aim at helping our clients, partners, suppliers and employees to maximize their potential as well as enjoy their interaction with us. We aim at bringing a personal touch to all our undertaking with special emphasis to integrity and personal satisfaction.
Environmental conservation is key to us so we are involved in various environmental conservation initiatives within the city and beyond. Making Kenya a better place, and travel a long lasting experience.

Green Practice: 

The members of Heels and Valise Tours team are involved in climate change and environmental conservation at various levels. Some members are involved in Community Based Climate Change Adaptation initiatives, others are involved in climate change policy and governance issues. We also team up with other youth groups in environmental conservation initiatives such as clean ups, tree planting,and environmental campaigns.