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Costa Rica


Go Barefoot www.gobarefoot.travel designs and promotes unique and fulfilling tailor-made travel experiences worldwide. Go Barefoot focuses on authentic explorations and cultures. We arrange anything from off the beaten path adventures, to honeymoons and family breaks.
Financially protected by the Travel Trust Association.

Green Practice: 

Voted Best Responsible Travel Operator Site 2014 (Travel Mole)

Experience the bizarre, the beautiful, the great & inspirational! Go Barefoot has a strong social and environmental ethos, partnering with NGOs, co-operatives and social enterprises to deliver a more rewarding and enjoyable discovery. Where possible, Go Barefoot Travel selects and works with travel enterprises and accommodation providers that actively reduce their environmental impact and/or offer a fresh insight into the destination’s culture and history. At each destination, Go Barefoot supports linked environmental and social initiatives that benefit the wider community.

Go Barefoot ensures that their travel experiences:
• Offer enjoyable, flexible, and safe activities;
• Provide a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues;
• Allow communities to be self-directed in all project stages including participation, planning and management;
• Respect social structures and cultural traditions whilst ensuring communities are able to adapt to visitors;
• Ensure that cultural and environmental impact is minimised;
• Generate long-term economic well-being for local communities;
• Tackle social exclusion and local unemployment;
• Make positive contributions to the country’s natural and cultural heritage;
• Invite support from both private and public sector partners;
• Provide competitive access to the global tourism industry.

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