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NGO – conservation & community
Interests and Activities: 
Gap year
Marine conservation
Volunteer travel
South Africa


EDGE of AFRICA is an award winning volunteer organisation based in South Africa providing unforgettable experiences for travelers wanting to experience the local culture and wildlife, and make a difference! We are a grass roots organisation offering carefully planned community programs and hands-on conservation programs in the beautiful Garden Route, South Africa's favorite holiday destination.

Green Practice: 

What we do:

-Focus on empowerment of local communities through education and support – we do not simply hand-out funds and goods, as we do not believe this is a sustainable approach
-Encourage and assist locals to become self-sufficient through skills transfer and business empowerment opportunities
-Work alongside specialists and local leaders to develop meaningful projects that truly benefit the local community
-Keep detailed records of our achievements and continually assess our impact to ensure that we are keeping in line with the our goals
-Provide thorough training and resources for our volunteers to give you the tools you need to help us meet our project goals
-Work with valid conservation and research institutions to develop meaningful environmental projects
-Encourage respect for the natural world through education and by providing opportunities for locals to experience first hand the wonders of nature
-Encourage cultural exchange and ensure that our volunteers gain an understanding of local culture and traditions

What we don't do
-Support captive breeding projects, such as lion breeding projects that have no genuine conservation value and breed animals simply for tourism purposes
-Create meaningless projects simply to attract volunteers. – All of our projects are ethical and sustainable and you can rest assured that your contribution will make a tangible difference to our communities and wildlife
-Drop you off and leave you on a project with no direction. – You will always have the support of our permanent team members who will ensure that you have a clear understanding of our project goals.
-Take advantage of poverty or local communities for profit. – the financial contributions of volunteers directly benefit the local community by funding our ongoing projects; and our volunteers work hand in hand with locals to achieve our project goals.
-Establish projects where the short-term presence of volunteers could be damaging, for example we do not work with vulnerable children (in orphanages or similar situations.)
-Take away jobs from locals. – Our volunteers are not filling paid employment opportunities, they are working alongside local people to provide additional support; and by supporting our organisation you are also enabling us to provide paid employment for local people as part of our core team (e.g. project coordinators, accommodation managers etc.)