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A few years ago, I was on the Atlanta-Madrid flight. I began to speak to a couple who were visiting Madrid for just two days. Before landing, we exchanged phone numbers, and I offered to show them a little of Madrid that evening if they agreed. They called me later that day, and we confirmed plans for the evening. My brothers and sisters-in-laws, my wife and I joined the couple for dinner at one of my favorite places in one of my favorite neighborhoods. We ate and drank typical food and wine, and afterwards, we enjoyed gin/tonics at another great lounge. At the end of the evening, the couple thanked us profusely. They said that they were originally going to stay around the hotel, and they felt like they had really experienced a part of Madrid that most tourists miss.
That moment touched me, and I felt that I could help tourists enjoy Madrid much more than the average experience. I began to set up my business on this model. For example, what did I enjoy most on my last trip? We took a river cruise up the Rhine for 10 days. For those who have not experienced a river cruise, I recommend it wholeheartedly. We saw a ton of wonderful towns with important churches and cathedrals, breathtaking architecture and pleasant restaurants. However, after awhile, these all seem to blend together in a hazy list of cities and towns. What do we remember from this trip–the side trip to the vinegar factory and a visit to a local German chef’s house, where we had a cooking class and dined together with wine. We remember this because it was different, it touched all our 5 senses and our palate.
When you stay in Madrid, you will likely see all the palaces, churches, and museums. You will enjoy this! But what will you remember, and take home? A visit to a spanish winery in a small village with a charming meal in a local tavern, or strolling through local markets and cooking a delightful meal in my open-air bbq? Climbing up to see the Arab castle in my town, and a tour of the local, artisanal brewery? You might pass by these places wondering, “How do I get there?, I might not speak the language well enough to enjoy the experience, How do I find these tours?”
Creative Travel Madrid takes your worries away:
I translate everything for you–tours, menus, food and drink ordering, you name it
Larry’s shuttle picks you up at the hotel and brings you back
I do not take commissions from vendors/restaurants—I only go to places I have tried and feel you will enjoy
I have almost 30 years of experiences in Madrid–that is a long list of places, restaurants and attractions to see
You tell me your interests, and we give you an itinerary based on these interests
100% American-no language barrier y’all
In summary, Yaiza and I would like to welcome you to Madrid. Allow us to share with you the REAL Madrid for memories that will last a lifetime.

Green Practice: 

We experience the beauty of the local national parks here in Spain