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Hello, Bram

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Photographer / Videographer
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United States


Bram is a Belgian freelance travel writer, translator and photographer who’s currently living in Vermont, USA. For over four years now, he has been wandering the globe, with jobs here and there in between. So far, his travels have taken him to four continents and twenty-two countries. Bram likes to try different styles of travelling; from backpacker and adventurer to tourist and local, he has been all those stereotypes and probably will be many more in the future. His favorite ways of getting around are cycle touring, hiking and road tripping.

Green Practice: 

I hold a Master's degree in horticulture and I've always been fascinated by nature, animals, plant life and the environment. Whenever I travel, I like to get around and explore new places on foot or on a bicycle. Hiking and cycling are without question my favorite outdoor activities.