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Trekking through the biggest mountains in the world is never an easy pastime. But once you get into the groove & grind of hiking our Himalayas, it becomes a habit and a way of life; & its heavenly tranquility sets the mind on overdrive…because these mountains also teach us so much about life, just as much as its punishing to tread its beautiful paths…and this is exactly where the idea of ‘Alpine Eco Trek’ was born – the offspring of Mother Nature that blended so well with the mindset & the passion for mountain tourism amidst its perfectly balanced eco systems…an idea we wanted to share with a world & its people who seem to have lost all sense of a quieter unknown world God gifted us…a world that has the potentials to change our lives for nothing less than all things good, bright & beautiful…and so was born a Vision with a Mission…

Having trekked the length & breadth of Nepal’s rugged and remote trails for almost two decades, we’ve seen so much & done so much, braving the seismic calamities of nature on our Himalayas and toiling through our jagged mountains with blood, sweat & tears; but never doubt it, we enjoyed it so much to the hilt…today we are a full blown established company fully owned & operated by Nepalese. Explore the wonders of charming Nepal, experience different cultural wonderlands nearby– as you venture across our borders into Tibet and Bhutan. Know us as we are, we love what we do, serving you in the spirit of adventure and ensuring your safety wherever you go, so that you return home & reflect on the memoirs of an odyssey well enjoyed for a lifetime…

Our Vision…Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
When our trials on the trails began over 20 years ago; we always wanted that our guests enjoy exceptional outdoor experiences. Its been a long while we’ve been on the trails till date; but the way we saw trips in the wild at that time is no different to our zeal for the same now; our past relates even more to our present as we continue to escort our guests into what we know as a ‘living paradise of nature’. We want you to Come & Share the good vibes that remain strong in our hearts and prepare for odysseys that could reshape your destiny for a lifetime.
You could be one of our past travelers or someone new to us; nevertheless, browse through the range of Small Group Journeys & itineraries displayed on our highly informative website…

Our Mission… is a Ceaseless Goal
Ours is a real pragmatic Holiday Experience – it is always at the heart of all our adventures ... An adventure travel holiday is about what you learnt from your holidays.

Whether viewing Everest, the world's highest mountain, from a trek to Base Camp in Nepal, witnessing the magical aura of the Annapurna Himalayas or enjoying in the festivities of a Deepawali street party in Kathmandu or sitting amongst the village folks in some remote outpost below towering mountains, we aim to capture the spirit of this experience on our adventure journeys into the wild. Our wilderness tours are about discovery, personal achievement & companionship. They will test your patience, inspire your emotions and flirt with all your senses. Traveling paths less trodden, visiting remote communities, old sites and awesome landscapes are one and the same when planning your holidays with Alpine Eco Trek & Expedition…this is a mission close to our hearts…

Programs we enjoy doing…with zest & zeal…
At Alpine Eco Trek, we operate a host of over 200 holiday categories that begins in Nepal & extends throughout the axis of the Himalayas which also include Tibet and Bhutan. Our assortment of holidays include: all round season open sky breaks, heritage tours, historical walks, classic rural hikes, treks on off-the-beat-trails, raging river rafting, kayaking, remote wilderness treks, overland tours, visiting exclusive religious monuments, breathtaking mountain bike tours, spiritual outings, cozy home stays, real life volunteer programs, exclusive jungle safaris, all domestic & international ticketing services, yoga & meditation with spa therapies & reliable transportation services throughout the Himalayas. There’s always a little of something for everyone, we don’t like disappointing anyone…

Responsible Tourism…Practicing what we Preach…
This is our land…this is your land …LOVE IT!!!
We are extremely committed to preserving the natural environment when we plan your holidays and make doubly sure that the area is kept clean on the conclusion of our programs. We strictly adhere to the norms of the International Porters Protection Group (www.ippg.net) and make sure our guides and porters are well equipped and geared to providing you flawless services, always keeping in mind at all times first and foremost; your safety and protection throughout your program.

We do not make camp fires and we strongly discourage trekkers from buying wood-fueled hot showers in lodges along the trail. Our concerned ventures make sure we ‘give something back’ to communities inhabiting zones that we trek to.
View our true to life Itineraries: When we tell you about a bird or some unique specimen of a flower, or if it's a shrub or a particular ridge or some green hillock; its there for real, just the way you find it in our programs…
In a nutshell:
Alpine Eco Trek invites you to Nepal…go tell it in the cities & everywhere…because its an invitation to a sublime world of exceptional peace…a world you hadn’t known till now…a world that ensures your freedom…a world that tells you…you are born free…as free as the grass grows…as free as the wind blows across the mighty Himalayas of lovely Nepal…

Green Practice: 

Alpine Eco Trek is very conscious about the preservation of Eco tourism and environment, our mission is to focuses on local cultures, wilderness adventures, personal growth and learning new ways to live on green planet. We believe in those travel destinations where the flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Our Eco Treks practice responsible Green tourism which includes programs that minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment and enhance the cultural integrity of local people. Therefore, in addition to evaluating environmental and cultural factors, plans by hospitality providers to promote recycling, energy efficiency, water re-use, and the creation of economic opportunities for local communities are some of Eco Tourism's objectives.

In numerous places, trekking groups have left littered trails and degraded forest in their wake. Against this alarming backdrop, the practice of ecologically friendly-tourism has been gaining increased momentum – both in Nepal and around the World. Our Eco Tours approach to tourism seeks not only to preserve the environment and culture of a tourist destination but also to be of benefit to the local People. By fostering environmental awareness, both among locals & Eco Trekkers and by linking tourism to social and economic development, it is possible to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of an area through the promotion of sustainable tourism. This not only enhances the positive experience of those on holiday it also helps to increase the standard of living of the local residents. Such a lot has been said about Eco friendly trekking and tourism and no doubt a lot more will be. We can proudly say without hesitation that we have led the way in responsible Trek and tours to our beloved country.