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1 Cycle, 1 Country, 70 Days and 9000km (South Africa)


Starting in Johannesburg I am going to cycle the whole of SA and document its undiscovered beauty, known beauty, stories, giving a face to the multiplicity of our nation.

South Africa is more than a country with 11 languages, 9 provinces and various cultures. South Africa is:

The earth and soil that provides inspiration to a nation, a nation so diverse in nature and so united in culture. The place that we love, that I love. The earth that remembers our history, that understands our present and grants our future. South Africa, the country who gave birth to us, who provides for us and shelters us underneath her endless sky. The place that we love, that loves us with her beauty. That is constant and yet ever changing. Our inspiration, our home - my home.

By cycling between 150 - 200 kilometres per day I will explore a South Africa rarely witnessed in 10 weeks. The trek will start going north towards the Kruger National Park and then towards northern Kwazulu. I will trek down Kwazulu and into the Eastern Cape, the Western Cape, West Coast into the Northern Cape, Freestate, North West and end in Johannesburg.

During this journey I would like you to join me for a day or more and experience the journey with me.

Ultimately I will cycle 9000km's on a bicycle - capturing all natural beauty, cultures, people and their stories. I will communicate these stories via social media (blog, twitter, Facebook) radio and print. I will meet with communities and let them share their thoughts, their understandings, their South Africa. I will share my journey and findings to create a national and international awareness of what South Africa has to offer.

On my route I wish to visit you, so if I'm in your area and you'd like to have a chat, contact me, first prize would be if you could invite me into your home. This is not my journey but our journey

Ruan Smit

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