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Surfari in Hainan Island

It is already more than a year I live in Hainan, I move here looking forward to improve my Chinese and surf at the same time. The truth is that when you live in a place for long it is easy to think that elsewhere looks more interesting to explore. I have been planning to surf in Indo, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan... I forgot that what I was seeking for was already here, around the corner. I am living the dream of many, and that dream was actually what brought me to Hainan Island; empty waves, tropical life style. Most of local surfers know that there is a lack of exploration spirit here. Suddenly, we all got together, and instead of flying away, we decide to reappreciate the present and get to know a bit better our territories potential. 3rd October 2011 7am, after three days of head high waves that Typhoon Nesat gave to us, we were all surfed out. Typhoon Nalgae was predicted to hit Hainan Island on that same afternoon too. North-west strong winds and a 4m east swell were pretty good conditions to explore the south-east potential. We didn't waste time and went for it. We checked most of the coast line getting to surf undiscovered spots, some on very remote and beautiful sceneries. But, it wasn't just about surfing new waves. We pass through traditional small villages where the minority's customs still intact; drove through beetle nut, coconuts and bananas plantations and little shrimps farms. We even got to see a traditional funeral that blocked the road for while. It was a memorable experience and since then, every swell we get, we go for a new surfari adventure.

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