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being one with nature

In water we are born...

I think that means something....


I want to share with you my eco-experience... one of the best ways I know to travel in total harmony with nature


This year we, a small group, went to sail in Croatia. Indeed it's not the same as 10 years ago, somehow it feels like turning back in a time when men were ruled by nature.

Croatia's Cornati Islands are a beautiful spot of mediterranean sea, lot's of small or bigger spits of land, immerged in a still almost incontaminated sea.

It's wonderful sailing from bay to bay, only by wind power without hearing any noise... amazing noticing what happens we can't hear the rumors of modern life.

Immagine you lie in your bathtub. Close your eyes. feel the silence.

now... open your eyes and see the clear blue sea, the turtles and dolphins passing close to you. The sailing boat is floating by the wind. You find a bay. You stop. You jump from the boat and you swim. Immerged in mother water... Nature

This is sailing. and in Croatia, on Cornati Islands, you can still do this in an ecofriendly way

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