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You want to know more about Greece but feel too lazy to buy a map? You really would like to know where chance might take you? Maybe you just need to meet the right people at the right place. And perhaps it's not the Parthenon, or other main spots in sight. Project Greece 2010 is about exploring Greece, following the pattern of a story. From the cycladic island of Kythnos up to Thessaloniki, passing by Athens, Volos, Delphi, Lamia, Meteora, Katerini, Kozani, Trikala and down again all the way to Mani peninsula, Olimpia and Patras. Project Greece 2010 was an exciting experience which will be soon shown in a video. But before this, let us taste a day by day blog updated and edited by Katrina Tan, a very talented photographer from The Philippines.Featuring the story of the first greek to have literally traveled the world by bike: Vasilios Mesitides

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