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Dolphins SA

By Ed, 03/07/2010 - 02:29

Right, this was probably not very eco. In fact, I reckon we used a lot of petrol on the boat trip, but it was amazing.

I've never seen dolphins before, and I was beginning to think that I wouldn't see them on this trip either. But we did and it was great.

Our guide explained that we were going on a wildlife trip, not a pleasure cruise. He wasn't joking. Just getting into the sea and past the break of the waves has us rattling around, gripping onto anything tied down. But it's lovely once you're in. Except if you get sea sick, like 1 of our fellow passengers. The petrol fumes and the ocean swell don't help, but she bravely holds onto her food until we reach a calmer bit of sea.

If you ever get a chance, sit right on the front of the boat. You get away from the fumes and any passengers vomiting over the side. You also feel like you are flying, AND, if and when you finally find any dolphins, you get the best view going. Hopefully Dom will post the video soon.

The absolute highlight of the trip, however, is the return to land. Hold on tight, the boat careers over the waves, flips on a 45 degree angle, then bounces up onto the beach.

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