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Cape Vidal SA

By Ed, 03/06/2010 - 02:09

More hippos, today. Again we mostly see noses as the hippos are submerged in a pond to escape the sun.

THe last we saw of Dom was pretty much the same. Except he was submerged in his macbook editing a video. Shame for him, look what we saw...

A drive into Cape Vidal park, and just after the hippo noses we spot our 1st set of springbok. Not 1 of the big 5, but worth a few photos.

The springbok don't lure any leopards, but it is a bit early for lunch. Sadly we don't see any rhino, either. However, a ball of manure rolling across the road more than makes up for it - DUNG BEETLE! Clearly hungry, the little beetle has managed to shift the poo into the grass before we can get a proper look.

Dung beetle

Nothing can ever rival a good poo story, but we do also meet a wathog, another deer that I have no idea about whatsoever, heron, crabs, zebra, as well as a human couple who are out for a walk.

I can't persuade Davide to return to the pond to see if the hippos have got out for their evening stroll. Apparently they get quite moody before they eat (hippos, not Italians)

The day ends on a strange note with a 12 Rand charge for mayonnaise in a rubbish restaurant. That's as much as a pint. I can see the football fans getting realy riled if they have to eat dry chips

Still, we did see a dung beetle.

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