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Port Elizabeth, SA and Beyond!

By dom, 02/25/2010 - 17:00

An interesting day was spent in Port Elizabeth, aka Nelson Mandela Bay... But that was the easy part.. Arriving there proved to be a bit of a challenge - in the quest to discover how fuel efficient we are.. 'someone' by the time we reached Port Elizabeth, kept insisting that the fuel gauge was ok, even though it was reading below the red line.. "dude, did you hear that?", "hear what?", "there it is again!", "what?... by the way why are we stopping here in the middle of the highway?!!"

Well, anyway it worked out well and we only had to push the car 200 metres as we discovered that the petrol station was luckily only around the corner! Oh yeah, and just in case you were wondering.. the car gives us just over 700k's for a tank!

Moving on, the next day we met with Paul, the owner of Calabash Tours. Calabash are involved in providing tourists with an experience in the community projects that they support in the P.E. townships. Nelson, the guide took us out for half a day and imparted his wealth of knowledge about his own community in the township area and also introduced us to the primary school which is also involved in the tourism industry. We met with the principle, filmed and discussed how the initiative is helping to educate the local children from the townships. Another interesting project is the food program which aims to provide at least 2 nutritious meals a day to the poorest children in the neighbourhood.

Next stop, onwards to a relaxing few days in East London and the Buccaneers Backpackers!

Additionally, a great article has been written by Emily about the Calabash Tours community projects. Read more here

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