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Green Market Square - Cape Twon -SA

By Davide, 02/17/2010 - 21:43

A busy day running around Cape Town to sort out the last issues before pressing the rec button! To do that we need to reach the city centre on the shadow of the Table Mountain...and we need to do it quick...so the best way in town to move around is to listen to the taxi guys screaming destinations from white, fast 9 seat minvans...cape Town Cape Town Cape Town ...it'our lift...a black, excited short man jump down the van and as a professional shepherd coordinate people from the road to move on board..here we are..me, Dom, Liz and other 16 souls squeeze as sardines,...the shepherd is still looking for one more passenger all the way down .. I m wondering where he will fit...well no worries we focus on our goals no matter how..heading as quick as possible in the city!

Finally we find a wireless cafe...perfect..internet..food...castle..we keep ourselves busy ..in the mean time Dom's mother enjoy the sun... contemplating Cape Town under a new point of view..her reflections are deep in the story roots of a nation that is looking forward with a powerful enthusiasm but still keeping in her heart the painful wound not so easy to forget...

Here are her thoughts:

Green Market Square

Laptops, mobiles, agenda everywhere two young men busy planning an eco tourist adventure ..from our beautiful city!

Friendly faces of every hue,
A cosmopolitan town That's true!
This s my home town,
Where happiness and sadness mix.
Where folks drink spirits mixed with lime
And I see this place as if for the first time.

Cape Town Gardens

Sitting in the sun,
Birds eat dirt
I'm alone, who cares?
Young man opposite,
Strums guitar and sing,
Life for him, just beginning.
For me, it's almost over.
I feel time at my back
"Waiting for the world to change"
He sing in earnest,
I would like to believe
Sadly, the world changed a long ago.

17/02/2010 D.E. Newman

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