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The airline industry tour SA

By Davide, 02/17/2010 - 21:30

Step first...INFORMATION SCREEN... Section A-B-C...zzZzzzz, delay, jam, people, more people...lots of people, traffic, Passport one? Checked! Passport one? rechecked? Mmmm... check-in, check out! engine one?...checked!...engine two? Seat bells...connections, air bus, transfer, hostess, videos, movie, hall, pilots, air condition, hot, cold, very cold...very hot, languages, luggage, waiting, running, waiting again, left, right, strait away, terminals 1-2-3-4-5-..., gates 201909, transfers, numbers, seats, boarding card, boarding time, coffee, snacks, duty free, duty shops, I.D., security, laptop out... laptop in, shoes...belts...coins..off...

20 hours in the transport apparatus..just 30min of sleep I'm exhausted but in Cape Town... waiting in a long queue for the customs check, finally a black police man ..."next please" - a friendly smile - I like it "anything to declare"?

Ohh yes:

First eco tip "on the roads": SMILE! It Increase the probability you going to have a leave a great adventure!

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