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Inspired Perhentian Kayak Sea Turtle Challenge



A balanced cocktail of leisure and adventure, this trip serves two purposes: to save the endangered sea turtle who was once a ubiquitous fixture on the island, and to give you access to one of the world’s lesser known, most idyllic paradises.

The Perhentian Islands are paradilic and were rated by CNN as the 13th most beautiful islands in the world and the best in Malaysia. The islands are located in the north-eastern corner of Peninsular Malaysia near the Thailand border. There is only one gateway to the islands which is at Kuala Besut. The islands are a 30-40 minute speed boat ride away. The islands are a honeypot for travellers from around the world.

Contributing to a worthy cause is, by all accounts, a good thing to do. But doing it on a tropical island is even better. Cast your mind to white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, stunning marine life and a wash of stars at night. Add in kayaks, hammocks, reef sharks, bat colonies, and deep sea diving… and you have an itinerary that lets you experience life at every pace.


  • Experience life on a true tropical island, crystal clear waters and the sun on your back
  • Join the locals in preserving the endangered leatherback turtles
  • Kayak to uninhabited beaches, snorkel and camp out under the stars
  • See the night sky like you have never seen it before
  • Dive one of the worlds most impressive dive sites
  • See enormous bat colonies as they fly out of their caves

Is this adventure for you? This escape is for those with a love for underwater adventure, wildlife and getting away from it all. The locals are amongst the most friendly and laid back you will meet which means we'll be on island time from the moment you arrive. Kayaking can be strenuous but there is plenty of time to get from island to island.

We rate the difficulty of this adventure Relaxed Inspired.


Green Practices

Green Practices: 

Project: The Save the Turtles project on the Perhentian Islands of East coast Malaysia has a plan to save the declining populations of the only viable population of turtles left-the Green Sea Turtles.

Malaysia was once host to the largest colonies of leatherback sea turtle in the world. They have since become locally extinct and this project is trying to ensure that doesn’t happen to the species of turtle left on the island.

They need £7,000 to fund a new photo ID project, and your contribution will go a brave way towards realising that. The research is simple. The plan is to train the local snorkel guides and to display informative posters around the beach, resorts and boats to remind boatmen, tourists and visitors about the programme.  This project isn’t about saving lives so much as it is about saving an entire species from extinction. And how awesome to be able to say you were a part of that?

Your trip includes a £50 donation to the Save the Turtles project. The donation will arrive at the project before you travel and you have the opportunity to vist the people and communities you have funded during your trip. Should you wish to contribute further to the goals of the project you can opt to fundraise on your own personalised fundraising page which will be available when you book. There is no obligation to fundraise, no minimum amount and you can set up your fundraising page at any point before, during or after your trip.