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Inspired Mt Kilimanjaro Challenge - Machame Route



Summit the famous Mt Kilimanjaro and support a local literacy project with Empower Local Schools - Tanzania

This is the alternative Mount Kilimanjaro experience. Not only will you summit one of the world's most iconic mountains, but you will get the chance to take part in a local literacy project at the foothills of the mountain. 1000’s of people every year use the great Kilimanjaro climb as a way of fundraising for overseas charities. 1000’s of starving children and marginalised families witness this on a daily basis. At the foothills of Kilimanjaro lie local schools desperately in need of help, where many 14 year-olds still cannot read or write. We plan to reinvent these rural schools and turn them into desirable and successful places. Instead of fundraising 1000’s of dollars or pounds for rich western charities, on this Mount Kilimanjaro trek you will be fundraising for the people of the mountain.


  • Summit one of the world's most iconic mountains by the famous Machame route
  • Experience a third world country, learn new skills, exchange ideas, learn to live and work in sub-saharan Africa
  • Experience Kilimanjaro the alternative way by fundraising for the people of the mountain
  • Option to climb kili with one of our qualified UK Expedition Leaders

Is this adventure for you?

This adventure is for anyone who is willing to take themselves out of their comfort zone and who is enthusiastic about the outdoors. We rate this adventure Crazy Inspired (High), meaning everyone undertaking this climb needs to be at a decent level of fitness. We advise some cardio-vascular training such as running, cycling and some gym work prior to the trip.





Green Practices

Green Practices: 

Project we support: Empowering Local Schools - Tanzania
Tanzania is the third poorest country in the world, and its education is the poorest in Africa. In a class of 200 students there are only 3 textbooks for the whole class. Teachers do not want to teach at these schools for lack of infrastructure and remoteness. As a result there are youth who have spent 14 years in school who still can’t read or write. Last year 62% of the students who sat for a national exam got division zero. Most of these students are in government schools located in rural areas where the majority of Tanzanians live. As a result the majority of people in these areas are poor and illiterate. 65% of people above the age of 40 can't read or write, giving them no chance of securing a better future for themselves or their family. We plan to reinvent these rural schools and turn them into desirable and successful places.
Empowering Local Schools - Tanzania aims to reinvent the image and success rate of rural schools in Tanzania from the ground up, through various phases, starting in the Kilimanjaro region. It hopes to directly increase the literacy rate, and thus success rate, of these children first by building quality teachers accommodation, which will attract better teachers to these schools, as well as retaining teachers. The second phase of the project will be to install solar panels on the schools for vital electricity and lighting, as well as charging capabilities for eBook reader. The third phase will be to supply each child with a "Learning Tool Kit" which will consist of one eBook reader per student and a solar lamp to use at home for doing homework after dark, as well as charging their eBook reader. These readers will hold all of their education materials in one easy to carry place. By helping to fund supplies for the initial phases of this project you will be drastically improving the situation of these rural schools and the education they can provide. As a result these children will have increased opportunities in life. It's about giving Tanzania's children the ability to solve their own social problems, rather than relying on outside aid in the future. Giving the gift of knowledge is about long-term empowerment, instead of finding a short-term solution. Who knows, with increased opportunities perhaps the next Steve Jobs will come from Tanzania.
Your Local Project:

You will participate in helping us and our field partners solve a local community challenge. This is a field project that we have pledged to get involved in when you take your adventure with us. We ask you to fundraise for this local challenge prior to your trip. Your donations are converted into a pot and given a name, in this case Empower Local Schools - Tanzania. This is now your team’s local project. If every challenger fundraises for the project it will help us reach our first target to build comfortable, modern teachers accommodation, which is vital to the success of the school.
Unlike other charity challenge trips, you will not be fundraising ‘blindly’ for big charity brands. You will enjoy the privilege of knowing that your contribution to the project is being spent on the field. Your itinerary may even give you “back stage access” to your specific field project through a short volunteer experience. Gain firsthand knowledge that 100% of the money raised goes to marginalised people living in the places that actually host your adventure. Your fundraising is used to create social change. It’s based on the old lesson: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. With us you can track the difference you made for years to come. It’s how you leave your legacy.
Your Involvement: You will get to visit the school on the second day of the trip and meet the children who you are helping.