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This is an alternative to the usual Machu Picchu route taken by trekkers. A journey largely bypassed by tourists but tempting travellers hungry for adventure less ordinary.

The destination may be the same, but this journey to Machu Picchu is not your typical backpacker package. It takes in not just the ancient majesty of the ruins themselves and their mythical surroundings, but also the glaciers of the Sacred Valley, steep mountain passes in the heart of the jungle, coffee fields and indigenous Quechua communities who you will engage with along the way.
Unfortunately, you can’t take home a piece of Macchu Pichu, but you can take back a part of Peru that is much more sacred - a knowledge of its indigenous communities, an understanding of an entirely unique culture and without doubt, many new friendships.

What makes this trip special is the combination of the spectacular trek to the ancient Machu Picchu with a 2-day stay at Awamaki's local community project in Patacancha. We believe the best way to explore and learn from a new culture is to spend time with the locals. During this trek you will experience the authentic life Cusco has to offer, the ancient ruins and beauty of Machu Picchu, the chance to bond with like-minded travellers while spending a couple of days at the Awamaki community project in Patacancha, in an authentic home stay accommodation. There you will meet the local women and learn how they sustain the community through their weaving cooperative.


  • A thrilling combination of the cultural, ecological, social and adventure experiences the Andes has to offer.
  • Taking an unexploited route to climb Machu Picchu that crosses glaciers, visits typical Quechua communities, traverses mountain passes above 4,500m and warm high jungle lands with coffee fields, and botanic gardens.
  • Engaging in a community project with a local Andean community.
  • Staying and getting to know the local communities along the way.
  • Learning how Peruvian coffee is made in Santa Teresa.

Is this the adventure for you? This adventure is for anyone willing to push themselves and see another side of Peru and the Machu Picchu experience. This challenge involves 5 to 7 hours hiking per day, sometimes at high altitudes (almost 5,000m). Weather conditions can vary from hail and snow to humid heat. Physical labour at altitude will also take much more energy than at sea level. For these reasons we advise some pre-trip cardiovascular training. We rate the difficulty of this adventure…BE INSPIRED.


  • 13 September 2015
  • 11 October 2015



Green Practices

Green Practices: 

PROJECTS WE SUPPORT: High Andes Food for Change
Join up with a sustainable initiative to combat malnutrition in the communities living on route to Macchu Picchu. The project aims to build greenhouses to help grow foods that offer the nutrition that is often lacking in the local diet. Fundraise before or after your trip and give back to the people whose homes we are welcomed into.

Your trip includes a £50 donation to the Awamaki Weaving Cooperative project. The donation will arrive at the project before you travel and you have the opportunity to visit the people and communities you have funded during your trip. Should you wish to contribute further to the goals of the project you can opt to fundraise on your own personalised fundraising page which will be available when you book. There is no obligation to fundraise, no minimum amount and you can set up your fundraising page at any point before, during or after your trip.