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Inspired Island Hopping Escape



Experience the freedom of living at sea in this island-hopping adventure. Dive into WW2 shipwrecks and snorkel around coral reefs. Stay at three unique camps, including a fishing village, an organic farm and a raw, untouched island.

So kick off your shoes, relax and soak it all up while we take you to explore secluded coves and underwater caves, snorkel pristine reefs, sunken shipwrecks and emerald lakes, visit hidden lagoons and trek lush jungles. There are just a few golden rules, go with the flow, make no plans. Take off your watch, turn off your phone, forget your everyday life. Here we hang out on island time...


     Hop from island to island with a group of fun like-minded travellers
    Explore a multitude of islands, reefs and villages
    Dive off the outriggers to snorkel around coral reefs and WWII shipwrecks
    Clamber through caves
    Socialise with the locals
    Enjoy fresh seafood caught and cooked on board the boat
    Visit an inspiring project on Coron island 

    Is this adventure for you? If island hopping and discovering secluded beaches, snorkeling in some of the clearest waters in the world, and eating fresh food caught off the boat is your thing, then this trip is for you!

    Dates: 22 May and 19 June 2015. Enquire for availability.


    Green Practices

    Green Practices: 

    Project: Visit an innovative community project lifting young people out of poverty. Go the extra mile and fundraise to enrich your travel experience.

    Your trip includes a £50 donation to the Young People’s Kickstart to a Life of Opportunity Post Disaster project. The donation will arrive at the project before you travel and you have the opportunity to vist the people and communities you have funded during your trip. Should you wish to contribute further to the goals of the project you can opt to fundraise on your own personalised fundraising page which will be available when you book. There is no obligation to fundraise, no minimum amount and you can set up your fundraising page at any point before, during or after your trip.