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Brown Bear tracking in Northern Greece



Group-guided tour or tailor made for you

Track wild bears and other large mammals with park rangers in a rarely visited mountainous corner of Greece: Northern Pindos. Back to nature with the friendly guides of wildlife charity CALLISTO to hear about research methods, walk in the wilderness and witness traces of wild bears.


  • Track wild bears and other large mammals in a rarely visited mountainous corner of Greece

  • Learn about and experience the vital conservation work being done for this enigmatic speciesJoin researchers of the wildlife charity CALLISTO, exploring remote bear territory and habitat of other mammals like Wolf, European Otter and Red Deer

  • Walk amazing trails in a truly unspoilt and little known paradise

  • Support Nature Conservation; this holiday includes a donation to the Bear Emergency Team project conducted by CALLISTO.

  • Enjoy other bountiful wildlife - especially birds, butterflies and plant


Green Practices

Green Practices: 

This trip is celebrating Ecological Diversity in the following ways:

  • Wildlife species are not harvested, consumed, displayed, sold, or traded, except as part of a regulated activity that ensures that their utilization is sustainable, and in compliance with local to international laws.

  • No captive wildlife is held, except for properly regulated activities, in compliance with local to international law. Living specimens of protected and wildlife species are only kept by those authorized and suitably equipped to house and care for them humanely.

  • The trip supports and contributes to biodiversity conservation, including natural protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value. You make a donation to wildlife charity Callisto.

  • Interactions with wildlife, taking into account cumulative impacts, do not produce adverse effects on the viability and behaviour of populations in the wild. Any disturbance of natural ecosystems is minimized, rehabilitated, and there is a compensatory contribution to conservation management.

  • Information about and interpretation of the natural surroundings is provided to travellers, as well as explaining appropriate behaviour while visiting natural areas.

This trip is celebrating a Diversity of Place & Culture in the following ways:

  • Information about and interpretation of the local culture, and cultural heritage is provided to travellers.

  • Local services and goods are purchased and offered, following fair-trade principles.

  • Supporting local small entrepreneurs to develop and sell sustainable products that are based on the area’s nature, history and culture (including food and beverages, crafts, performance arts, agricultural products, etc.).

This trip intends to lower Environmental Impact in the following ways:

  • Purchasing policies favour locally appropriate and ecologically sustainable products, including building materials, capital goods, food, beverages and consumables.

  • Use of hotel(s) and other tourist providers with a sustainability certification system: your Thessaloniki hotel is a Green Key Hotel.

  • Transportation methods in Greece are limited to group transportation with small busses and hiking.