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Sacharuna Adventure

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Amazon Experience



The hiking adventure which allows you to indulge in nature, experience farming families and indigenous communities. You will learn all about growing organic products, make energetic chocolate and taste regional foods. Stay in comfortable eco-lodges Casa La Sangapilla and Chirapa Manta, find time to relax and rewind by waterfalls and rivers. An excursion for those who love traveling adventure in its purest form.


Green Practices

Green Practices: 

Our vision is to provide alternative tourism to a more conscientious traveler in these four areas: 

  • Cultural Trails – workshops in local crafts; ceramics, basket, textile weaving and ecological paper.
  • Eco Tourism - trekking through relatively untouched rainforest; waterfalls including 100m Toroyacu, camping, river pools, sulfur springs, journeys by boat passing native communities along the River Huallaga, Sculpture Trail and lookout point of the 'Cordillera Escalera' national park and much more.
  • Agrotourism - workshops/visit organic chocolate and coffee plantations, learn how to prepare amazing energetic chocolate with local farmers and participate in the preparation of a black soil that will stay fertile forever, Pre-Columbian technique called ‘Tierra Preta Del Indios.’
  • Traditional Medicine  - sacred plant wisdom, natural cures utilizing the many vaunted Amazonian medicinal plants
  • Cultural Trails - Our Mission is to share and preserve the sacred knowledge and traditions of the local indigenous Lamista and Chazutino cultures and the Peruvian indigenous population as a whole.