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Comprised of local guides, community members, and volunteers, our team shares a love and extensive knowledge of the natural and cultural environment around us.  We are dedicated as tour guides to enrich your personal interests.

Our vision is to provide alternative tourism to a more conscientious traveler in these four areas: 

  • Cultural Trails – workshops in local crafts; ceramics, basket, textile weaving and ecological paper.

  • Eco Tourism - trekking through relatively untouched rainforest; waterfalls including 100m Toroyacu, camping, river pools, sulfur springs, journeys by boat passing native communities along the River Huallaga, Sculpture Trail and lookout point of the 'Cordillera Escalera' national park and much more.

  • Agrotourism - workshops/visit organic chocolate and coffee plantations, learn how to prepare amazing energetic chocolate with local farmers and participate in the preparation of a black soil that will stay fertile forever, Pre-Columbian technique called ‘Tierra Preta Del Indios.’

  • Traditional Medicine  - sacred plant wisdom, natural cures utilizing the many vaunted Amazonian medicinal plants

Cultural Trails - Our Mission is to share and preserve the sacred knowledge and traditions of the local indigenous Lamista and Chazutino cultures and the Peruvian indigenous population as a whole. 

San Roque - Visit the home of an Indigenous Quechua Lamista artisan: One of our most unique experiences is to visit the home of Petrona and learn how to make clay bowls  the indigenous way.

Chazuta- Courses in ceramics and ecological paper:  Learn how to make ecological paper in this workshop using the pulp of banana trees, normally cut and wasted after the banana fruit is ready.  Participate in the making of ceramic bowls with a group of Chazutino women famous for their dynamic culture.  Ceramics have always played a vital role in the community and the local women are famous for being bona fide potters.  

Eco-Tours/Nature Trails - We are passionate about offering ecological and sustainable community tourism to provide travelers with unforgettable, unique experiences.   Responsible travel that grants the visitor a profound connection to our natural environment.

San Roque - 100 m waterfall Toroyacu and natural phenomenon Hatun Rumi ‘Big Rock’ in the conservation area ' Cordillera Escalera': 2 Days, at 1230m San Roque has a waterfall of 100 meters high located in a small ravine, on the way you will visit Hatun Rumi (Big Rock) a single block of solid stone, about 200 mts in length. Camping by the waterfall, meals cooked on the open fire, indigenous guides who are passionate to share their knowledge on the many plants, insects, and animals.

San Roque - Ecological Viewpoints and Sculpture Trail - in the conservation area 'Cordillera Escalera' national park: Short walk past ecologically built art center ‘Sachaqa Centro De Arte,’ see world artists at work in the studio.  Furthering uphill past various sculptures created by the artists to a lookout point ‘El Mirador,’ of the 'Cordillera Escalera' protected mountain rainforest.

San Roque - Chirapa Manta Ecolodge:  Owned by a group of people dedicated to the preservation of our natural environment.  Chirapa Manta loves to share knowledge on detoxing with jungle medicines and an amazing Yoga temple.  The beautiful lodge is designed to use loving ways in which protects our environment, such as compost dry toilets, earth wall structures, surrounded by primary forest and close to the River Cumbaza.

Chazuta - Nature Trail: 4 Days, journey by boat to the Cacao Island spend time with a family of  farmers, further down river to Jumanchi springs, natural pools in the middle of undisturbed rainforest, 40m high waterfall Tununtunumba in the conservation area 'Cerro Escalera,' course in agroforestry and the making of energetic chocolate.

Agrotourism – in these three areas:

Chazuta - Chocolate Route (Rio Bosque Magico): organic cacao farming which uses agroforestry techniques, contrary to the traditional method of slashing and burning the land, agroforestry uses technologies to create a more diverse, productive, healthy and ecologically sound system.  Learn how to make energetic artisanal chocolate from the tree to the finished product.  Visit an island in the middle of the Huallaga River that produces 6 hectors of organic cacao. 

San Roque - Coffee Experience (Agroindustria Warmi): visit a family from a small Amazon village, experts in organic farming, specializing in coffee, cacao, and honey. ‘Agroindustria Warmi’ is an association of family farmers and friends with common objectives; to expand ‘organic’ agriculture in the village, reduce poverty through maximum profit, promote artisanal farmed products and to create a more sustainable village as a whole.

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