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OneSeed Expeditions was founded with a simple goal: Explore the world, Invest in people.Today, we lead expeditions throughout the world including locations in Nepal, Tanzania, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina, and have been recognized as a leader in socially mindful travel.

Our team of amazing guides connect you to the places we love. OneSeed Expeditions offers a new way to travel. We partner with communities to ensure that tourism directly supports local guides and local entrepreneurs. When you travel with OneSeed, you invest in the people and places that make the world worth exploring. 10% of your trip cost is invested in local communities through the OneSeed Microfinance Fund.

This fund invests in creative entrepreneurs that support their communities. We try to keep it pretty simple: you take an amazing trip; a local entrepreneur launches or expands their small business. OneSeed is changing the way that travel impacts local communities. What happens when you take the power of travel and harness it to fund creative entrepreneurs? Answering that question is what OneSeed is all about.


Green Practices

Green Practices: 

We practice Leave No Trace principles on all our expeditions and we incentivize environmental best practices among our partners. 

  • In Nepal, we incentivize environmental stewardship in mountain regions by assessing all partner lodges based on local ownership, energy-sourcing, and waste disposal. 
  • In all regions, we avoid plastic bottle use and actively educate clients on the impact of plastic products on remote, fragile mountain environments. 
  • We utilize UV purification systems on the trail to avoid boiling water over flame or propane when possible, eliminating tens of thousands of water bottle purchases. 
  • We source all food locally to minimize packaging and support local economies. 

Our guides serve as educators on the trail, outlining environmental issues in each region where we operate and demonstrating best practices to our travelers and partners in country