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URBN Hotel Shanghai 5*



The URBN Hotel Shanghai isn’t just an eco-friendly hotel but a trailblazer for green living in one of the planet’s most environmentally fragile cities. Opened in 2008 as China’s first carbon neutral hotel, the URBN Shanghai is a retrofitted warehouse constructed using mostly recycled materials including reclaimed brick and timber from a largely demolished area of Shanghai known as The French Concession. The hotel has also implemented an advanced great water recycling system to reduce reliance on the local water company by 70% and has upgraded most of its lighting to LEEDs. For these reasons and more, the URBN Hotel Shanghai is held up as a best practice example of environmentally sustainable practices in Shanghai.

Amenities include airport transportation, a fitness center and gym, free WiFi service and a bar and lounge. Best of all, URBN Shanghai is situated in a downtown location a convenient walk away from many of the historic sites.


Green Practices

Green Practices: 

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