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Solidaire Inca Tour is a tourism agency whose members are French and Peruvian. All began when our French team backpacked around Peru, riding across the wonderful landscapes of the country. After many trips, the desire to offer equal conditions to other people surged among our Franco-Peruvian fellowship. That was the starting point of Solidaire Inca Tour. 

Goals, mission and position

Position: Solidaire Inca Tour is highly concerned by the sustainability of its activity. We are highly focused on building the fairest touristic tours we can. Our activity line is streamed on drawing effective sustainability planning, maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community, enhancing cultural heritage, and reducing negative impacts on the environment. 

Goals and missions:

- Help people discover this beautiful country, its great culture, its thousands years history, its wonderful landscapes and the kindness of its inhabitants.

- Involve the local population which is still participating too little in tourist projects and does not enjoy any financial benefit out of it.



Green Practices

Green Practices: 

Solidaire Inca Tour is a tourism agency which was created to contribute the improvement of the daily economic situation of neglected populations, through the promotion of a fair and responsible tourism while respecting a thousand year-old culture transmitted by pre-Colombian civilizations in Peru.

In order to achieve our ambitious goal, we have defined and are implementing various charity projects which will, on the long term, enable to improve the daily life of underprivileged people. This will be performed while preserving their culture and permitting to reintegrate quantity of homeless children into a healthy environment.

In the Chiclayo region, the economic situation is quite depressed. Thousands of homeless young children live outside of the society, with no better solution than practicing precarious jobs.
Our project in the region is about helping a children residence called "Aldea de la Paz" which can host up to 57 persons. The aldea organizes activities to help the kids to reintegrate and progress in their scholar courses. Unfortunately, the aldea has not enough financial means to carry out their program. That is why we participate through the optimization of the education program.
We supply the aldea with scholar materials and work in team with the organization " Alliance Franaise" so that the pupils can present international French exams and ultimately can access to a better life for them and their families. Soon, we will get involved in a project near Huancavelica region which is located outside of the major touristic area: this region had been particularly devastated by Maoist rebellion movement during the terrorism years.