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Atami Hotel



Set in the central of a natural picturesque scene, Atami Hotel is a boutique hotel situated in Bodrum, Turkey. What sets this little hotel apart from its counterparts is the beautiful setting it resides in. Surrounded by ample natural beauty, the building offers spacious rooms rich in comfort, providing a peaceful and serene environment to bask in. The hotel is run by a Turkish-Japanese family making sure that a friendly and welcoming atmosphere prevails over the building all the time. The facility is located next to the coast with the windows offering stupendous frames of the Paradise Bay outside.

The hotel in total has 19 Standard rooms along with 10 Deluxe and 3 Suits that come with complete amenities. Outside, the guests can take a leisurely walk down to the beach where they can enjoy the diverse aquatic life visible to the naked eye. The other choice is the splendid vast Mediterranean gardens of the hotel housing various species within its vicinity. If you are more of an indoor person, the hotel also offers activities such as Yoga and Ikebana. This stop is perfect for those who are looking for some privacy with a hint of intimacy in their vacations.


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