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Responsible Tourism Week

By Admin, 05/13/2010 - 18:39

The Eco-Coalition!

Today marks the beginning of Responsible Tourism Week (RTW).

Responsible Tourism is based on the "golden rule" of treating others the way you would wish to be treated. Think of it as an "eco-conscious coalition" across key media platforms including Facebook, Flickr, Delcious, Slideshare, Twitter and YouTube to help travelers who want their journeys to be beneficial to the local communities they are visiting.

By joining in with RTW you are entering an exciting global conversation to promote SOLIDARITY with host communities by creating more meaningful connections by:

? Enhancing local economies and not sucking them dry

? Building respect between tourists and hosts

? Helping conserve natural and cultural heritage

Ultimately, RTW wants all travelers to be mindful that we are entering a place that is someone else's HOME.

To get involved, just visit one of the platforms mentioned above and tag relevant pages and tweets with the hashtag #rtweek2010

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