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Sick of the traffic? Get to work by bike!

By Admin, 05/13/2010 - 00:08

Sick of the traffic? From google, a new proposal: sustainable routes to get to work by bike!

Directly from Goggle, the proposal of living daily mobility in a more sustainable manner for the environment but certainly also healthier for the citizens! Indeed, from today, in 150 American cities, it is possible to choose the best path possible, finding amongst the options, the possibility of using the car, public transport, walking and the bicycle. And this is not all! Google is working on extending this possibility to Canada, Mexico, Europe and to the rest of the world!

Today it is possible to find bicycle routes in some of the main American cities (New York, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Portland), providing information on 12.000 miles (about 19 thousand km) of routes but it is also working in collaboration with the American cyclist association to expand the offer and extend it to Europe as well.

"The request of being able to live mobility in a more sustainable and responsible manner has increased over the last two years" states Shannon Guymon, product manager of Google Maps also stating that the petition has been signed by over 50.000 people.

"This new tool will uncover people's eyes and will allow them to hop on a bike and ride [in the city]. We all know that people like to race, we know that it is good for the people and the communities that they do it on the bicycle, and this makes it possible [...] especially for those short distances which cause most pollution" says Andy Clarke, president of the American cycling association.

The launch of this product by a colossus like Google acts as a stimulus, not only for the citizens which can choose to live the city in a more sustainable and healthy manner, but it is fundamentally also a stimulus for making bike tracks, giving an important contribution to the reduction of C02 emissions.

Moreover, possible tourists can visit the city following the indicated paths, getting to their destination with a more exciting perspective and certainly more sustainably!

The bike routes are displayed in three modalities: dark green: indicates streets in which only bicycles are allowed; light green: special city bike tracks . Broken green line: streets that do not have a bike track, but where it is possible to ride.
The site also has a space for users who are invited to give suggestions or report problems through the service "Report a problem" on Google Maps .