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Set your passion for travelling free

By Davide, 05/12/2010 - 00:01

There is a wonderful land in the Mediterranean, known worldwide as soon as you say the word "mafia". There's not much that can be done about that! You can just forget about it and follow your individual path or you can decide to live Sicily in an authentic manner. Of course, we choose the latter: we want to live Sicily for all those wonderful gifts it offers, without forgetting that, in some realities, every day life has never been easy. We want to travel and to suggest journeys aimed at discovering places, traditions and people, with their history, in a more thorough manner, thus fulfilling your passion for travelling.

We also want to do something more: we wish to join the local communities to ensure that the wonders of this land can stand out and be valued in a sustainable and responsible way and especially free from any form of illegal activity. Indeed, free with "Libera" (free).

"Libera. Associations, names and numbers against the mafia" was founded on the 25th of March 1995 with the purpose of rising the civil society in the fight against mafia and to promote law and justice. Libera, is currently an organization with more than 1500 associations, groups, schools, base realities, engaged in forming political-cultural and organizational synergies capable of spreading culture and law.

From Libera, Libera Terra (Free land) was created, which focuses on the food market and has extraordinary food products, which is the fruit of work of young people who, gathered in social cooperatives, now cultivate hectares of land confiscated from mafia bosses. Libera Terra means that wine, pasta, oil, chickpeas, aubergine, chickpea flour, dried legumes can all be obtained through the hard work, courage and passion of the cooperative youth who farm the lands that belonged to the mafia, whilst respecting the balance of nature so as to produce products that let you know what Sicily is all about!

Try to imagine how exciting it would be to take back something that has always been "yours": the land, its products, the freedom of living in this land and the freedom of the land itself.

Products of Libera Terra have the taste of excitement, sunshine and of the Mediterranean energy. And, this is not all! Through "Libera" - the desire to travel, all curious travellers and people in search of knowledge, people who want to share stories, culture and food traditions with the local people so as to live a unique and unforgettable travelling experience, can find a series of proposals dedicated especially to them in various Italian regions.

An example? In the territory of Alta Belice Corleonese, it is possible to have a holiday in one of two accommodations made from houses confiscated from Cosa Nostra: the farm holiday house Portella della Ginestra with the attached equestrian centre Giuseppe di Matteo, and the farm holiday house Terre di Corleone.

Apart from enjoying the splendid scenery and the experience of being in contact with nature, the two residences represent a perfect starting point for natural excursions to the most beautiful places of Sicily, for wine and food paths, as well as for seeing the main monument and art destinations of western Sicily. All of this without forgetting the possibility of discovering and touching the art of biological farming in the fields, the breeding and the history of the local anti-mafia movement.

It is a completely sustainable and responsible tourism, there is everything: principles of social and economical justice, respect for the environment, active participation of local communities, making it become a protagonist in the Mediterranean developing tourism and guaranteed hospitality!

Thank to Libera for the information and the great spirit!