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Zion Canyon tours - A geological gem for the eco-tourist

An ideal location for the eco-tourist in south western Utah lies the Zion Canyon, one of the US's biggest and most beautiful national parks. Whether your interests are in geology, wildlife or hiking, Zion is sure to take your breath away, as you travel your way through some of the most stunning sandstone canyons and towering rock formations to be found anywhere in America.

If you are planning on visiting the park between the beginning of April and the end of October, do check out the shuttle system. The system was put in place due to rising traffic and is a perfect way for those who are concerned with their carbon footprint to get around. Outside of these months you can drive around the same areas, but the thought of using the shuttle and leaving the car outside of the park will be far more appealing to most.

As with most national parks, Zion is a veritable feast for those who love admiring the wildlife. With 100's of species of birds, reptiles, fish and animals there is something for pretty much all fans all wildlife. However, if you are a twitcher then Zion may be of particular interest.

Zion is home to the very rare Mexican Spotted Owl, as well as the Peregrine Falcon and California Condor, so you will certainly want to pack some binoculars for your trip.

If during your trip to Zion you are eager to learn about the history and life of the park, a good place to start is the Zion Human History Museum. Located just outside of the national park, the museum is free to get in and has everything from exhibits to an educational video which will leave you with a far greater knowledge of your surroundings.

Whilst it can be nice to just get up in the morning and go wherever the day takes you, guided tours can be fun and very educational. Zion has numerous tours ranging from jeep tours to rock climbing days.

The Slots and Arches Hiking trip is one certainly worth considering. This hiking adventure is educational, interesting and commands stunning views. There is even a spot to stop and have lunch while admiring the scenery.

The Zion National Park has a section specifically for the green traveller so why not check out their eco-tourism section before booking your holiday.