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Yellowstone National Park - Over 3.2 million acres of beauty for the eco-tourist to enjoy

For years eco-tourists have been enjoying Yellowstone for a variety of reasons. Geologically the park is a wonder to behold. With over 300 geysers, almost 300 waterfalls, the world's largest petrified forest as well as the stunning Yellowstone river there is plenty for the green traveller to enjoy whilst visiting one of America's most beautiful parks.

Accommodation for the green traveller

If you are taking a trip to Yellowstone you will want to plan thoroughly in advance. An ideal spot for accommodation is the Yellowstone Hostel. The hostel advertises itself as being the cheapest in the area and has a variety of rooms depending on whether you wish to share or prefer your privacy.

Finding your way around Yellowstone for the eco-tourist

With a park the size of Yellowstone it may be advisable to to take an organised tour. There are a assortment of tours available ranging from driving tours that allow you to see the park from up high to wildlife tours with an expert. For those who wish to enjoy the park on foot there is the half day hike with the Yellowstone Safari company.

During your visit to Yellowstone don't forget to pay a visit to old Faithful, the geyser erupts every 70 minutes or so, so you shouldn't have to wait to long if you want to see it. The water can spout as high as 180 feet so it really is one of the highlights of the park.

If you are planning on visiting Yellowstone park and not using tours make sure you take a map and get as much information as possible regarding the wildlife. Firstly, do not under any circumstances feed any of the wildlife. Secondly, remember the park is home to a range of animals including bears and moose and whilst they are sometimes docile, they can attack if aggravated so act responsibly and enjoy one of natures greatest gifts.

Yellowstone takes its eco-friendly role very seriously and are working hard to reduce waste and to renew energy. There is also a very indepth brochure advising you on how you can do your part.