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Yasuni National Park - Ecuador

Towards the north east of Ecuador sits the Yasuni National Park. At nearly 10,000 square kilometres the park is renowned for being one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet. Any eco tourist with a love for fauna and flora will not be disappointed as Yasuni has an abundance of both to be enjoyed. It is said that almost half of all mammal species that live in the amazon make their home at Yasuni National Park.

On the subject of fauna there really is something for everyone with many species of birds, bats, frogs, fish and even jaguars. The rare white bellied spider monkey is one of the rare species that lives in the park along with the gold mantled tamarin. However, the best chance of encountering the rich and varied wildlife is by taking a tour. There are tours available, however, it is often a good idea to book from a local town, that way you can ensure your money is going directly into the local economy.

The Huaorani Eco lodge offer a complete package for visitors looking to enjoy the park, learn the local customs and have a once in a lifetime experience. The lodge offers locally sourced and cooked cuisine and the accommodation is traditional. Whilst staying at the lodge activities include learning how to use a blowpipe and climbing trees.

The Yasuni houses various tribes that still enjoy no contact with the outside world. During your visit you may witness these indigenous tribes if you are fortunate.

The Yasuni National Park takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and in 1989 it was declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

photo credit: joshbousel via photopin cc

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