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William Bay National Park - Denmark, Western Australia

Not to be confused with Denmark in Europe, William Bay National Park lies on the south west coast of Australia and is a real sight for any green traveller looking for a taste of heaven. Established in 1971 this park is one of Australia's most established parts due to its unspoiled scenery and warm climate.

Any eco tourist planning a visit to Australia could do a lot worse that than visit William Bay and its beautiful beaches. Green Pool is probably the most famous of these beaches due to its stunning white beaches. The rock formations on each side make it a great shelter when it's windy and with its gradually sloping beaches it's a safe location for families to enjoy. The sea around Green Pool is renowned for its calm and is ideal for those who are not comfortable with high waves.

Elephant Rocks is another site worth seeing during to trip. As you walk down towards the area the reason for the name soon becomes apparent as the rocks look like a herd of elephants scuttling through the countryside.

If you are planning an extended stay in the area the Bay of Fires Lodge offers excellent eco friendly accommodation at a reasonable price. As well as a location as nice as you are likely to find in Western Australia the lodge there is guided walks available for those of you who would like to learn about the area and enjoy it to the fullest whilst you are there. The guides are said to be passionate about what they do and have a wealth of knowledge of the area to pass on.

So why not get your ruck-sac ready and head of to one of Australia's most idyllic spots for an eco-friendly holiday of a lifetime.