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Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park for the eco tourist visiting the Northern Territory

Known to many as Ayers Rock, Uluru is probably the most famous landmark in Australia and a wonderful location for any green traveller visiting Australia. However, this beautiful world heritage site is much more than just a rock. There is a world of caves, paintings and springs to explore, as you enjoy Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Not everyone has the same fitness levels and the rangers cater for this with a variety of walks to suit all.

One of the highlights of Uluru is the Aboriginal rock art. The best place to learn about the local art is the Culture Centre. Here you can do everything from view art to learn about the history of the area.

When it comes to accommodation you should really plan ahead. Some places can be quite pricey in Australia. However, the Ayers Rock Resort offers shared rooms from as little as ?24 per person per night. The resort also offers local cuisine as well as entertainment in the evening. So should you be tired after a long day's trekking, you can still make the most of every minute of your day.

Wildlife is in abundance at Uluru and some of the beautiful animals to watch out for include the Wedge-tailed Eagle, the Black Cockatoo, the Thorny Devil and or course, the Dingo. If you are a wildlife enthusiast then Uluru won't disappoint.
The Uluru National Park takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and request that anyone visiting the park stay to the assigned walkways and do not deviate as this can affect the eco-system.

With any national park there is no better way to fully appreciate it than on foot. However, with Uluru you have the added advantage of a free guided tour. The tours run from April to September and give you an overview of art and the Anangu culture.