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Teuco Tropical Forest Project

By Laeti, 02/09/2010 - 17:35

The Teuco Tropical Forest Project is co-financed by the European Union and the non-governmental organization, VOLENS. The project has created a cooperative agreement with the National Parks Administration, which pronounces the territory of the Toba Meguesoxochi community a Protected Watershed Area, or API in Spanish.

The project studies the management of the forest, beekeeping, forest - ranching, ecotourism, the commercialization and promotion of the artisan products of local women, and the media communication projects via the radio or theatrical performances.

We are interested in the ecotourism activities conducted by a group of young Tobas and Creole eco-tour guides. The park rangers and staff of the Chaco National Park at the School of Park Rangers in Horco Molle of Tucuman trained them in the areas of territorial management, environmental education, and ecotourism.

The strong cultural and natural heritage of the indigenous and Creole population adds to the incredible biological diversity already preserved and the proposed activities hope to discover and explore all aspects of the Impenetrable Chaco Forest has to offer, including both its natural and cultural elements. Some of the highlighted activities of the project include: an excursion on the river; guided tour of flora and fauna, birds watching, and observation of other animals; a walk in the forest exploring the traditional and medicinal use of plants; the opportunity to learn and look at local Tobas artisan projects including baskets making and sheep and vegetal fiber weavings; and educational discussions regarding cultural preservation. The project also promotes the construction of ecologically sound or sustainable bungalows located on the outer bank of the lagoon in the center of the community. You would take a "lancha", or small boat, to reach the new bungalows.

The final aim of this project is to encourage the participation of local community members as the driving force behind the activities themselves. As a result, this maximizes the authenticity of the activities as well the opportunity for exchange, environmental conservation, and cultural preservation.

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